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I'm Stu Nudelman "Stu The Wine Guru."I have consulted for different wine and spirit companies from Chile to Taiwan on many aspects of branding, sales and marketing.  

I've been in the wine business for years, and have studied the origins of wine, and tasted them in vineyards all over the world.  

My experience and passion for wine is why, even though I have worked in the industry, I have never considered it work.


Whether conducting an interview of a famous wine maker, top chef, or celeb on my radio show, or writing a wine article, or hosting a wine tasting, I always bring my "A" game and a smile.


In addition to being an On-Air Host for my global radio show:

WINE TALK WITH STU THE WINE GURU, I am also a wine journalist, and reviewer for SIMPLY THE BEST MAGAZINE, GLASS OF BUBBLY, HOLLYWOOD CIRCLE MAGAZINE, and many wine related websites. My wine articles and reviews have been read all over the world.


You may also find me on TV, with appearances on NBC's NONSTOP FOODIES SHOW, CNBC WORLD'S WINE PORTFOLIO SHOW, PBS's CHECK PLEASE SOUTH FLORIDA, KEY WEST KITCHEN SHOW, and numerous other web based TV shows. 



It started back in the mid 90's when I was in the music business, with my first trip to Northern California. During a business lunch, on a suggestion from a  
prospective client, I tried cabernet sauvignon and liked it. From there, the beginning of 
my wine journey started, and it has taken me to most of the wine producing 
countries in the years that followed. 

I spent some years in the wine trade where I honed my palate. I prided myself on being keenly adept at learning clients palates and making the right recommendations. 

I enjoy hosting wine tastings, and successfully helping wine enthusiasts build their wine collections. I have a passion for matching the right wine for the right occasion and culinary setting. One thing has never changed from back then, and that is, I still constantly challenge myself to learn the different smells and tastes of as many of the grape varieties as I can.

Its all about the education of wine, and sharing everything I have learned in an entertainining way with you. Its what wine brings to the conversation that is what I am all about. That is why I write, talk about and appear on TV shows to speak all about it.


Special Skills

WSET Level II Certified with Distinction
Wine and Spirits: Education, Promotion, Sales ,Marketing, and Branding through:

Print ,Television ,Radio and Social Media


Favorite Wines
what i am drinking
WHAT The Wine Industry is Saying 

See what some of the Pros of the Wine Industry & others are saying about Stu...



Master Sommelier

“Stu is an amazing promoter and tireless ambassador of wine. Thank you for your contributions to our industry!” Catherine Fallis, MS, ACWP Master Sommelier, Grape Goddess, Planet Grape LLC/San Francisco, CA.



Viader Vineyards

“He is a very creative radio interviewer, his audience is really diverse and coming from all over the world. He makes the content very informative and entertaining for all involved. Kudos Stu!” Delia Viader Owner-Viader Vineyards/ Napa Valley.



Gonzalez Byass/Jerez

“Stu is a Radio Personality, Wine Journalist and Wine Authority. The combination of his multitasking skills, wine knowledge and professionalism as a journalist made for a very comfortable and entertaining interview.” Felipe González-Gordon / President, Gonzalez Byass /Jerez, Spain.



Export Manager

"Stu is a very creative, energetic, vibrant and articulate professional who daily pursues, and realizes his objectives in delivering excellent wine consulting services to his customers. He also promotes wine culture through his Radio Show "Wine Talk with Stu The Wine Guru". I personally enjoyed several times, taking part in his enthusiastic, and educational shows. He is truly down to earth, and highly communicative in doing more for the wine industry, and the international wine culture, than anyone I know." Ada Sguazzo, Export Manager of Campania Regional Food & Wine/Campania,Italy.



Master Wine Cellar Builder

Stu is the person you go to for wine advice. I believe that Stu has tasted more wines than anyone I know. His shows are informative and very honest. His talent is one that comes along only once in a lifetime John Seitz Master Wine Cellar Builder.



Marquee Artisan Wines

“Stu The Wine Guru is an insightful wine professional with a growing fan base that understand & appreciate his no-nonsense style of wine reviews and interviews. It was wonderful joining Stu on his radio program and I highly encourage other winemakers to follow my lead! Stu is one of my top Itunes Podcasts to listen to each week to keep up with his growing stable of wine star interviews!” Christopher J. Cribb,General Mananger-Marquee Artisan Wines/Overland Park,KS.



Seven Springs Vineyards

“Stu conducted an online interview with me on his Radio Show "Wine Talk with Stu The Wine Guru", and as a wine journalist blogged about our vineyard, Seven Springs in South Africa, on Yahoo. Stu is very charming, professional and is made for media as his enthusiasm shines through always. I wish Stu all the very best for the future and I look forward to working with him many times more” Tim Pearson - Owner Seven Springs Vineyard/ South Africa.



Tom Eddy Winery

“Stu is a creative marketing wine guy who has a clear vision and follows thru. Tom Eddy” Tom Eddy, Owner and Winemaker, Tom Eddy Winery/Napa Valley,CA.



Voice Artist/Producer

"Stu was one of the first people to approach me as a "mentor" - because he wanted to improve his vocal sound in media - and I wasn't even offering such services - but he sought me out, because he knew from my body of work, that I could help him - which I was very happy to do. That is just the way he is. He's honest with himself, he takes direction and criticism well, and if he sees that he can improve something, he goes about finding a way to do it. He's extremely talented, media savvy, and very easy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” Gray Gleason, VOICE ARTIST/PRODUCER/ Manila, Philipines.

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