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Mario Andretti

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Iconic Race Car Driver of Everything with Four Wheels Mario Andretti will be Stu's guest on the show. Anyone 30 or older can think back to the first time they were learning how to drive a car. Your mom or dad was in the passenger seat, and everytime you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal just a bit too heavily you would hear, "Slow down! Who do you think you are Mario Andretti?"

Race Car Driver
Mario Andretti

Join us

Well the impetus for that statement will be joining Stu on his show tonite at 11:00pm est. Mario came from Italy to the US in the early 1950's and from that point forward, everyone in the sport of racing took notice. He has won every type of race car event, with every type of car used to race with. He started a quickly successful winery back in 1996 in Napa Valley, and will be on the show to discuss his racing successes, life and of course his wines. Join us and ask Mario all your questions at 11:00pm tonite.

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